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Web Design

Designing a website means creating an end-to-end user journey.

It takes a good plan, a good story, and inspiring touches. We build your project in line with digital marketing goals, not just for you to have a website, but also by involving your potential customers. Welcome to the workshop of works that are compatible with all digital marketing platforms and made with the most up-to-date technology.

Happy and Strong Customer
Completed Web Design Project
The Line of Code We Write in Our Projects

Web Design and Development Agency

Anyone can build a website. Yes, individuals’ learning processes have become easier with technological innovations and ease of access to information. As the needs for all business lines have increased, solution provider documents have started to develop at the same rate. Is there any industry that is not affected by this situation? It’s rare. However, the difference between those who set out with the acquired knowledge and those who are experts in their field is visible. How can website design reflect your brand? How much prestige can it gain while engaging your potential audience? It’s good to think about them.

Nisan Web Design Agency consists of a team that prioritizes reliability, attaches importance to key messages, takes action for actionable actions, and develops strategic and engaging experiences that will convert potential customers. In other words, it does not just make a website, it develops your digital office for your business and plans it according to your marketing activities.

Corporate Web Design

Considering today’s technology and living conditions, we can say that website search volumes are in every part of our lives. Adapting to the developing world and reconciling your audience with this harmony is very important for your customer acquisition. A creative website design is the core of this business, and it is the most functional key that will help you reach this audience.

Design Doesn’t Direct Your Messages

The design structure of your site does not convey the message you want to give to your audience. It only provides visual order. Correct messages and referrals occur with content. Whether or not you provide the right text usage, image selections, and real data will directly affect your conversion value. One of the most important factors that feed the creative design is that the content you provide is compatible with the design. If you reflect a whole, content and decoration can bring a captivating and flowing user experience. A properly categorized website is one of the most important factors that enable users to browse with pleasure. Users who know what they are looking for and can easily reach it are among the web design benefits where content optimization has been successfully achieved.

Research and Strategy

There are no guesses that we would need luck with in our approach. Because every step of ours evolves with research and analysis based on it. Taking a different approach in the sector and competitive environment requires a solid understanding of the customer and competitive environment. For this, we do not work alone, as a team, we get the right information from you, make your past evaluation according to the brand and audience target and handle the work accordingly. In line with all these, we create a direct informative planning based on the targeted people, user flow, your content plan and brand value.

Why is Web Design Important for Brands?

Digital is no longer just a ‘virtual environment’ and has taken the name ‘virtual world’. Most brands realized how big an audience there is in this world and the gain they can gain by directing this audience in the right way. Brands that turn the user density and customer loyalty on the Internet to their advantage are successfully using the power of digital. Having a store in Google search engines actually means responding to the searches of digital users. So, what kind of losses do brands that push this power out of their hands experience?

Unfortunately, being in an industry only physically is not enough for new generation users anymore. Users have scrapped the traditional and adopted brands that keep up with them. For this reason, brands should not shape their target audiences according to themselves, but should be shaped according to the target audience. While brands that move forward with innovative thinking continue to exist in the future, brands that think traditionally run the risk of disappearing over time. This is because users are always open to improvement and ignore those who reject it. With a professional web design, we can say that getting better quality and faster service is now the home of the users, long distances to get service or doing long researches are great demands for today’s users. On the contrary, you can promote your brand and increase your sales regardless of time and place in digital.

Having a website where your brand can host its target audience in the digital world and being included in Google search engines is a great opportunity for you to challenge your competitors and to qualify that you trust your quality. It will enable you to create brand awareness in the eyes of both your customers and competitors. The effect of a satisfied customer on your new customer acquisition is undoubtedly great. Because happy customers mean; It means a user who recommends it to his/her environment, makes positive comments and visits your site again and again. Get ready to multiply your commercial success by existing in digital. For this, you can have a unique web design by contacting us immediately.

How about User-Friendly Web Design?

Having a user-friendly website is related to how happy your visitors will leave your website and being the last stop of their research. Visitors who can easily reach the product or service they are looking for from your page will be directed to buy or communicate. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to establish a very transparent structure, of course, getting professional service is of great importance in this regard. If the user actions are not given importance on a page where creative and sectoral lines are used, no interaction can be expected. Because a professional web design agency carries out the design by keeping the user habits in the foreground. Points to consider when building a user-friendly website;

Industry Color Catalogs

There are color tones that evoke every sector, to give an example; The brands in the food industry progress in yellow-orange-red tones. This is because colors have a connotation and emotion. Of course, it cannot be denied that the tones of color are exceedingly wide-ranging, with a great impact in his creative and contradictory works today. However, it is easier to progress from certain established patterns and keep the user’s habits in mind in terms of creating awareness of your brand. At this point, using colors that suit the industry on the web design page both reflects your brand’s image and contributes to your visitors’ ideas.

Relevant Category Layout

Categories are created on the website so that your site visitors can more easily access the products and services that your brand sells. These categories are given as general headings and subcategories are provided within themselves. For example; The sub-categories of the trousers category are Fabric Pants, Jeans, Skinny Pants, etc. as separable. In this way, it becomes much easier to direct them to purchase and increase the time spent on the site.

Spelling and Spelling Rules

It is very important that you establish a correct communication with your visitors on your website, which includes many areas where your brand will tell its story, provide information about its products and services, and introduce its team. The perfect spelling and spelling rules ensure that your communication progresses flawlessly. On the other hand, how much you care about your business and how much quality service you provide can be understood from your language of approach. The users’ feeling of value is completely parallel to your approach language and spelling rules.

Image And Text Compatibility

The content that you will include related to your brand and the products/services you sell should be in harmony with each other. Images and texts